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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology in Crosby, TX

As a leading family dental practice near you, Dr. Golden and her staff are committed to providing every patient with the most advanced dental technology solutions for the safest and most accurate dental care possible. Not only is our use of state-of-the-art technology such as 3D CBCT designed with your comfort in mind, but its use also provides you with several additional benefits.

Benefits of 3D CBCT Near You 

Three-dimensional scans of your mouth provide our dentist in Crosby, TX, with more accurate diagnostic imaging than old-school technology. Plus, advanced technology means that patients will experience less radiation exposure than traditional medical CT scans. It’s common among dental professionals to classify the use of 3D CBCT as a game-changer in providing their patients with enhanced planning, shorter scan times, diagnostic accuracy, lower costs, and less invasive procedures. Also, there’s a significantly reduced chance that patients will need to sit through repeated imaging exposures before diagnostic accuracy is achieved.

Say Good-Bye to Uncomfortable Imaging 

Some patients have avoided visiting their dentist in Crosby, TX, because they don’t want to undergo uncomfortable imaging through old-school technology that still requires them to bite down on a hard plastic mold or imaging putty. If it’s been more than a year since you’ve visited a dentist near you because of this reason, we invite you to get back on track with the modern care and advanced technology provided at Golden Family Dentistry.

Your Smile is Our Top Priority 

When you visit Dr. Golden and her staff at Golden Family Dentistry, your smile is always our top priority. We believe in preventive care and taking care of the teeth and gums in a way that prevents dental issues from developing in the first place. That commitment is underscored by our use of 3D CBCT imaging that allows us to catch small dental concerns before they become larger ones and to treat large concerns with more accuracy.

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Golden Family Dentistry is equipped and ready to handle any dental issue you may encounter, whether it is an oral injury, disease or infection, or some other problem that requires the use of advanced dental technology in Crosby, TX. Make an appointment today to learn more.

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